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Fact VS. Fiction: Fair-Skinned People Always Have Sensitive Skin

Truth always bears a lot of essential meaning when carrying out a particular activity.why?while we as human beings conduct and carry out with our activities we must come to the realisation that our skins bears a lot of importance when perceiving to different conditions that prevail on the surface of the earth.That our skins as much as we come from different ethnical background plays a critical role in our well being.That our skins as a result of differences in the genetic compositions brings about different levels of sensitivity.Also many other conditions will determine the sensitivities of the skin.

Skin appearance or color determines how the skin responds to changes in the surrounding environments and how it changes with increase in years.But light skin is at high risk of damage as compared to dark skin though both of them needs enough and good care from the harmful rays from the sun in order for them to be healthy and last long.

Our skins and sensitivity are unique to our well being since the two are related.Based on so many more factors such as climate skin hydration hormones and age among other determines skin sensitivity. Below are listed situations that show evidence of skin sensitivity and helps us to know more about skin sensitivity.

Cosmetic resistance by the skin – whereby we humans have of late been affected by skin sensitiveness making us to stop using some of the cosmetics we were using as a result of the skin changes dry skins cracked ones receive a lot of intolerance by using cosmetics even the ones they were already used to.

Stress. stress promotes to skin sensitiveness.Why? Skins if exposed to different forms of stresses they tend loose their protective function as well as its ability to re-synthesise due to destruction caused on the skin as a result of exposure to stress all of which have a tendency of widely reducing the sensitiveness of the skin.

Environment it plays a key role in skin regulation such that in favorable conditions the skin functions normal but in unfavorable conditions its effectiveness is widely hindered for instance a person used to living in cool and warm conditions if exposed to dry and cold conditions with low humidity and wind he or she looses a lot of water and its ability to offer protection diminishes.

Despite the existence of the different drivers of skin sensitivity it is still easier to establish a good and healthy skin that can withstand various conditions. Avoid using or being in contact with chemicals that are prone to cause skin corrosion and instead using natural ingredients that enhances skin sensitivity rather than those that compromise its well being in total.

Indeed light skin people have a sensitive skin but one that is prone to destruction hence they need to have adequate care and maintenance of it in order to preserve it wholly. Light skin people as a result of the high sensitive skin they always select environments where to reside as compared to other people who can reside anywhere. It’s also recommended for pale and light skin people to use specially made tanning lotion if they want to tan. (examples)

The sensitivity of the skin always bears an importance in the way it perceives environmental changes both cool and dry conditions effectively and how it eventually informs other body parts to get into action and regulate the body temperature to match with the surrounding conditions appropriately. Hence all efforts should be directed at protecting the skin to enhance its relevance and to ensure its long durability and existence altogether in order for it to withstand different conditions.